In order to offer you a complete project, we decided to take it up a notch by presenting you with an accurate selection of materials following the market trends. As a result of this, we have managed to gather over 500 material samples based on our partnership with leading companies in all related fields.


Gres floors, technical material and wood, curtains, wallpaper and a collection of extremely innovative materials. Our laboratory can offer a selection of materials and textures sorted by colours, formats and price enabling you to design your whole space.


It is an innovative way of designing focusing on the Customer and its lifestyle which gives life to a moodboard coordinating both furnishing and interior decor.

Centuriongarage offers garage furnishing as well as furniture for laundry rooms, basements and any other kind of storage rooms. It also provides you with effective furnishing solutions for warehouses, exhibitions and or any other kind of location to store or exhibit products.


Other than being the best solution for “flexible and optimized furnishing”, Centuriongarage is particularly committed in offering excellent products which guarantee quality and innovation and which are capable of meeting any kind of needs in term of room optimization.


Team Casa aims to provide our accurate clientele with our expertise and know how to offer the perfect practical solution for any kind of need.