We are not an assembly line, we are a human workshop. Our company is made first and foremost of people. Their immense value is our greatest capital, with their wealth of knowledge and skills that only time and experience can bring… Marta’s taste lies behind the choice of woods, Mirco’s expertise guarantees the perfection of the lacquers, Yussef’s careful eye ensures rigorous quality control… That’s the way it’s always been here at Pianca. When the carpentry workshop began to feel a bit small, we replaced our chisels with high-technology, continuing to invest in our workers.


This is clearly reflected in the affection of our employees, who stay with us for life. That is why we produce design, but we still use our hands, and we still consider ourselves craftsmen and women. Our sawn-oak finishes are the perfect illustration of this combination of high technical performance with a hand-made feel. All this is artisanal intelligence.


Memory is the most powerful too for understanding the present. These are our roots, this is our identity. We draw upon the sound local tradition of cabinet making, travelling back over 500 years through time, to the old carpentry workshop, fed by a watermill, along the banks of the Pianca stream. Building on our history, we start from our workers’ knowledge and skills to look to the future, combining experience and innovation to bring the culture of modern design to the world.