Top-notch technology and a minimalist design are what characterize one of the most modern kitchens in the world: Artematica. Top quality is granted by the technological innovation that has been put into the creation of the first ever single-piece multi-layered dematerialized laminate door. Artematica is made of an aluminum structure upon which panels of varied materials are applied, such as layered high pressure laminate in dozens of colours, layered wooden laminate, medium-density lacquered panels and glass. This system allows Artecasa’s kitchen doors to be more resistant to humidity, heat and impact. Lighter materials allow hinges to last longer and make less noise when closing the doors as well as a lower impact on the environment thanks to the eco-friendly nature of these products.


Artematica’s new models offer a great versatility and allows you to create a personalized kitchen space which can meet your every aesthetic need, by embodying any way of life or personality.
It would be utopian in the 21st century to wish for the world to stop, go back in time and put an end to consumerism. It is not possible and it is not how we are going to save our planet. We are part of that 15% of the world’s population using 80% of the Earth’s resources and we need to worry about the future lack of raw material when the rest of the world’s developing countries will be able to achieve the same well-being that we have been granted. On that day, six times of the Earth’s resources won’t be enough.


For this matter Valcucine is always in search of innovative technologies which can allow production through dematerialization. Research in this field has led to the creation of products requiring low quantities of materials and energy. At the same time, Valcucine’s committment to the environment is reflected by the development of durable recyclable products through the use of disused materials, which greatly reduces waste.


The path to innovation technology is therefore an opportunity, an incentive for research to give tangible answers to both the planet and man’s necessities. The result of this research is the design and development of competitive products that make the company stand out among the others as well as gain a fair amount of profit. But profit is but a final consequence of an ethical, cultural and technological process and not just the main achievement of a mere economical speculation.