Serghey Teplyakov

‘Still Life’ The splendor of Classic


The painter Serghey Teplyakov was born in Moscow, in a family where there was a special relationship with art. His grandfather Mikhail Taraev was an eminent artist who was awarded the title of the People’s Painter of the USSR, awarded the “Repin” Prize and highly decorated by many other State honors.

Serghey liked to stay in his grandfather’s studio, observing his work and his creative process. Their home was frequented by many famous and famous painters all over the world, so this environment inevitably marked the formation of the artistic taste and the perception of the “beauty” of the young painter.

Serghey Teplyakov graduated from the Moscow State University of Arts and Industry Stroganov, informally called Stroganovka, one of the oldest Russian institutions in the field of industrial design and monumental and decorative arts. His degree project has received special praise from the State Commission, also published in the review “Arti Visive”.

The painter was invited to participate in the restoration of the pediments and mosaic friezes of the “Metropol” hotel in the heart of Moscow.

In the year 1992 he participated in the reconstruction of the center of folk art “Gzhel”. In 1998 he became a member of the Russian painters union. In the early 2000s Serghey Teplyakov was invited to the First Russian Gallery of Ceramics and Porcelain for the position of artistic director.

To date, his works are known by a close circle of true art lovers: from intellectual artists, from business-elites and from people working in the art-business sector.

His works rarely participate in official exhibitions, but can be found in private and corporate collections, not only in Russia but also in other countries. The sought after grace of the execution of his works creates a sweet impression.