For 50 years we have worked in the lighting industry thus accompanying a generation of dreams.


To us, light is essential to express new ideas and illuminate uncharted emotional territories. We write the future by reading our past and expressing our present in a chain of positive challenges and brave choices that have shaped our image and identity. We are characterized by a history of continuously reinventing the concept of functionality and, by relying on our intuition, this has always allowed us to create iconic products as well as to establish new innovative standards. Our products are a link to the masters of design and we are in constant search of new talents. What characterizes our work is high technical and technological status and being in sync with mass culture. These are the qualities that make FLOS stand out.


Experimenting has paved the way to the use of revolutionary materials – as it happened in the past with Cocoon – and hi-tech solutions which are nowadays represented by OLED and eco-friendly materials.


We aim to invent new languages in terms of light by conceiving new aesthetics in total freedom. Our lamps, today’s and yesterday’s, embody a sense of commitment as well as irony. We place ourselves on the thin line separating art and design, handicraft and industry, limited edition and large-scale production, the concept of individual and collective imagination. This is our place. This is where you will find us.